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    Practical Drawing & Colouring

    in individual classrooms or entire groups in a large space such as school halls.


    I arrange with the school any particular themes relevant to the curriculum or the event such as Book Week, and lead the workshop according to what is most relevant to the children. As an illustrator I adapt to a wide range of requirements and am happy to adapt to the school's needs. Alternatively the school may simply want me to show what I do and get the children to take inspiration from seeing how I create my characters, animals or scenery.  I always start a workshop by showing how to use , for example, pastel, charcoal, pencils or brushes. I show how a wide range of effects can be achieved through using media point, side, or at angles using different pressure or speed of mark making, and how these things will create very different visual qualities which may relate to different subjects.


    I have found that some art mediums are much more effective for helping the children produce successful strong pieces of artwork whatever their 'ability'.  Childrens' art is naturally admirable but comes to fruition far more successfully with some materials than others. I have found, for example , that the soft pastels on coloured paper is always successful from a 'child art' perspective. The shortness of available time allocated to workshops in the school day requires that children learn that their art can look good and not 'judged' in terms of adult standards. Strong colourful work boosts their sense of achievment as artists, which maybe missed when using "weak" media.